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Patty Carlson - Film Score Composer, Concert Pianist, Music Education Research Analyst , Professional Educator, Television Celebrity, Author, Featured Lecturer and holder of the US Patent for the Numeric Language of Music. 
Ms. Carlson has made celebrity appearances on many television talk shows.  Patty Carlson's Piano Logic TV series has broadcast on Dish Network, Northern Arizona University Channel, University of Central Arkansas, K-12 Channel, and Smart Lifestyle TV. Ms. Carlson has been private instructor to many celebrities, including the late John Denver.   

Selections of music composed and produced by Patty Carlson and an audio interview with Ms. Carlson are presented on our sister site's MEDIA PAGE.

As the author of the Numeric Language of Music and holder of the US Patent for the Numeric Language of Music, Ms. Carlson has been published by such prestigious institutions as
Johns Hopkins University New Horizon's for Learning Journal. 

Credited with defining music as a mathematical language, Ms. Carlson's work has been heralded as "a revelation to the piano industry" by respected music education professionals. The Numeric Language of Music program is most impressively honored by the elegant simplicity with which the information is conveyed.

In 1999, Ms. Carlson began the Development Case Study program studying students of multiple ages studying the Numeric Language of Music program.  Many students demonstrated extraordinary rapid acceleration in performance and composition ability.  Parents reported children were experiencing exceptional acceleration in academic advancement.  Student math scores, reading scores, science scores started to noticeably improve. Multiple students advanced from very low grades, such as a D- in math to 98%, during a 3 to 6 month time frame while studying the Numeric Language of Music.  Continued research revealed the program was immediately successful with Children with Special Needs documenting the direct correlation between the study of the program and the increase in their reading ability. 

In January 2008, Ms. Carlson was granted a US Patent for the Numeric Language of Music, a new mathematical method of conveying musical information.

In 2010, Ms. Carlson published her first thesis "Music:The Remedial Language of the Brain" suggesting the Numeric Language of Music may be the innate, inherent and remedial language of the brain.

Previously, scientific research found a definitive relationship between the study of music and increasing the grey matter of the brain, directly associated with human intelligence. 

Ms. Carlson changed the way music is understood by defining music as a mathematical language teaching the vocabulary of the language of music as mathematical algorithms.  The Numeric Language of Music opened the door to understanding how the brain responds to the mathematical programming via the piano keyboard.  The documented results demonstrate an accelerated increase of cognitive and remedial responses of the brain.

In January, 2011, Ms. Carlson further offered the Numeric Language of Music program may have exceptional remedial qualities. "Documented results from the study of Patty Carlson's Primer Course present compelling evidence to introduce the program into music therapy programs and medical research.  Special emphasis of the study of the effect of the Numeric Language of Music with patients suffering with Dementia, early Alzheimer's, and other brain malfunction disorders suggested."